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Wealth Transfer Strategies provides an array of legal services for individuals, their families and their businesses including estate, tax, charitable, and Medicaid planning because the transfer of wealth, like the transfer of values, from generation to generation, demands care and attention. Wealth Transfer Strategies, LLC is a Delaware company with offices in Annapolis, Maryland and Ocean View, Delaware. The principal of the company, John F. Robbert, uses his 40 years of legal experience to design those strategies that allows the client to transfer wealth to whom he wants, when he wants and how he wants in as efficient a way as possible.



2661 RIVA ROAD    SUITE 410  •  ANNAPOLIS, MD  •  410-266-1625

29H ATLANTIC AVENUE  •  OCEAN VIEW, DE  •  302-537-4559


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Blended Families Underscore the Need for Estate Planning

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012
Anyone with children or modest assets should seriously consider some minimal estate planning, but the increasing number of blended families underscores the need for proper estate planning....